Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a Cinch?

I’ve noticed a trend emerging over the past months: the belted cardigan.

But, oh! you say. That’s been around forever.

Well, yes, but I’m noticing that more and more cardigans are being belted but not buttoned.

DVF did it in Fall 2008:

Paul Smith did it:

Michelle Obama does it frequently (and often with coats too):

A little girl in the new Boden catalogue is also belting her open cardigan:

As is this woman in the new Anthropologie catalogue:

And this one is belting her sweater coat:

With this style, there’s a fine line between looking attractive and looking like you’re wearing a cardigan that’s too small (one that won’t button!).

I think that the unbuttoned belted look would annoy me—I’d want the cardigan buttoned at the waist.

But you, gentle readers: would you button or unbutton your (belted) cardigans?


WendyB said...

I'm not a big fan of belts or cardigans! Of course, now that I say that, I'll suddenly become passionate about both.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Yes, I do both. It can look chic with an oversize cardi--I don't like the look with a fitted one.

Delectable Swank said...

I couldn't be more in love with this look, it's so simple and gorgeous.

K.Line said...

I would and I do - with a more blousy cardigan. With a fitted one it tends to move off centre because of the boobs - and that's just un-chic.

materfamilias said...

I like the look on others very much and I have one coat that works for me with a MKors leopard-print belt over it. Otherwise, though, being short and short-waisted, I find that belting defeats any lengthening effect I get from a long, lean cardigan line and draws attention to how non-existent my waist is. Not a primary goal. And belting under the bust seems too contrived, silly even, for me to try.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I agree with K-Line and Materfamilias. It seems a bit contrived. And it's not that pretty. Belts don't always "add" to an outfit or look. Just because one can, doesn't mean one should.

miss sophie said...

i rarely button my cardigans if i wear one, and they're usually slightly oversized and slouchy-fitting, so it doesn't look like it's got the 'too-small' effect going on. a recent experiment:


i think the idea is to look relaxed and effortless about the belt/cardigan combo; but that probably will appeal differently to different people.

wild thyme flowers said...

love it !

Mardel said...

I think most of the time it doesn't work and doesn't work in all the examples. But I do belt some cardigans, and think it is better with some looser styles, but the trick is not to look like one has belted a bathrobe.

I am sure what does and what doesn't work varies considerably with individual style. But I have found myself belting a few things lately that I might previously have not considered.

enc said...

I like both looks (buttoned and unbuttoned), but have never, ever belted a cardigan in my whole life, so I can't say which way I'd try, if I tried it.

I'll have to think about that.

Belle de Ville said...

A skinny belt over a skinny cardigan is part of my signature look...sort of that sexy librarian style...or so I tell myself.