Sunday, August 9, 2009

Think PinKK

If it’s late summer, I must be thinking about Christiane Celle’s new colors of silk wrap dresses. I love them all this year, and present this hot pink color for your approval.

I’m complementing Celle’s pink with pink fabric from a past exhibit by KK Projects (that KK in my title wasn’t a typo after all!). It's called "Hot Pink Cape Sale; or The Mallard," and uses some of Brad Pitt's fabric, but I won't hold that celebrity lustre against it.

KK Projects is the brainchild of Kirsha Kaechele, who moved to New Orleans to create a living installation gallery within one of the communities most damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Not long ago I met a young woman from that city who’d visited KK Projects, and she raved about the installations.

Miss Cavendish will be shuttering for two days (Monday and Tuesday) while I travel again. I hope you’ll visit me when I arrive at my destination, and I’ll be knocking on your virtual doors too.


K.Line said...

I knew we were due for a Celle post! You do love her so... I still have fantasies about that Jasmine perfume she made (now discontinued - like everything else good) which I bought at Caban while it was still around. I MISS Caban.

WendyB said...

Have a good trip!