Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cobwebs and Couture: Lady Gaga Saves the Rainforest

I couldn't not take notice when I learned that some rockers sang "Don't Stop Believing," one of my favorite Glee covers, at Sting and Elton John's Save the Rainforest benefit the other night. 

Sure, they were reading teleprompters for the lyrics, and sure, Sir Elton mangled the second verse a bit, and--horrors of horrors--Kate Hudson joined in for the final chorus, but I didn't mind (OK: I minded Kate very much) because I was in thrall to the kittenish adorableness that was Lady Gaga. 

Channeling Edie Sedgwick brows, Keane eyes, a postmodern Miss Havisham cobweb bustier-mini dress and Rosemary's Baby toes, Lady G charmed with every move. 

She put an arm around Sir Elton after his flub; she sang with Sting;

she engaged in a modest twist (all in the toes);

she posed with Trudie Styler;

she did not try to upstage Debbie Harry to her right or Shirley Bassey to her left;

all the while looking delectable.

You can see the video here, on Huff Post.

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WendyB said...

Rosemary's Baby toes -- good one!