Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eat Prey Love Liberty

Utterly by chance, while searching the web for a photo of the winning quilt from the Liberty of London contest, I came across Liberty's Facebook Feed.

Do not ask me for directions, instructions, or explanations, because I do not have answers.  But if you find this Feed, you will encounter lovely photos and information from Liberty.

Consider this Merci for Liberty suitcase, for instance.  I first learned of it a month or so ago, when Privilege tweeted about it.

Just looking at this valise makes me feel like I am on a trip, en route to a small bowl of gelato. 

(And I would not cast a secret-smile look toward gelato-eating nuns sharing my bench, as Julia Roberts does in a trailer for Eat Prey Love.*

But back to happy things: like Liberty print cases, and perhaps my own Liberty print quilt. It is almost fully quilted (well, the border is next) and then I can bind it.  The front is a riot of Liberty squares and rectangles; the back a blue Hera peacock print. I had dreams of entering it in the above contest, but couldn't begin to make the deadline.  And as I have been in a Liberty zone, perhaps my blog will reflect that in the coming days (weeks?).  Fair warning!

*Not a typo.


LPC said...

ooh. I was shopping at M.A.C. in SF and I realized that they offer Liberty of London shirts for men. Not women. Must return and fix that. Thanks for the notice. xox. Lisa.

Lissa Cook said...

Dear Miss Cavendish

Saw your blog post (via Liberty of London) and thought you might like my web boutique www.peakprincess.co.uk. I design and handmake Liberty print clothes for children from 3 months to 9 years. Liberty supply me direct and called my designs "truly exclusive, personal and original". I ship all over the world and I've just launched a women's blouse because I've been asked by so many customers to start making clothes for grown-ups too. Love your blog! best wishes, Lissa, Peak District, England.

La Belette Rouge said...

Gelato comes in small bowls?;-) Sweet prints! And Eat Prey Love made me LOL.

Make Do Style said...

Oh those suitcases! I do try to have a weekly browse but it is quite a temptation!!