Friday, June 18, 2010

Marion Cotillard on July Vogue

Such an elegant visage, with intelligence radiating from her dream-like gaze.

This is one time (the only time?) I'm pleased to see an actress on the cover of Vogue.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Her eyes are amazing, haunting in fact.
What a beauty she is!

Belle de Ville said...

I loved this issue of Vogue, especially the Mid-Century editorial and Mlle Cotillard's dresses. I am not a fan of her personally because, like other actresses that think that they are more intelligent than they actually are, she makes comments about things that she knows nothing about. Still, she is a great actress and wears clothes well.

Kit van Cleave said...

Belle, you should know for yourself whether Cotillard has made any remarks you don't agree with. Be careful what you listen to and read -- not all of it is true. If you speak French, you already know what I say is true, as you have already seen the February 2007 CANAL video for yourself. If not, well...

Cotillard is the most gifted of her generation of actresses, and you would surely do yourself a disservice if you allowed rumor or gossip to prevent you from appreciating what she has done, and will do.