Friday, December 10, 2010

Beautiful Books

Had I remained in the in-house publishing world, I think I might be writing books by night and designing them by day.
Right now it might be time for an updated Vanessa Bell/Hogarth Press collaboration--primitive, almost childlike hand-lettering accompanying a simple painted line.

But lush certainly has its pleasures, as in these New York Review Books--the classics--created by noted book designer Katy Homans.

Lush isn't quite altogether accurate, though, because on these books the lavish backgrounds are smartly interrupted by a modern block of color. 

When the World Spoke French is a favourite title, just because,

but I'd enjoy taking a peek at The Dud Avocado (do read the linked blurb).

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Belle de Ville said...

I still prefer reading books in print than on my electronic Nook. I miss the feel of the books and the whole cover design aspect.
The Dud Avocado is on my Xmas list now, it looks great.