Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Tutu Chilly: Moncler Outfits the Black Swan Cast?

Was Moncler's Gamme Rouge collection inspired by the antics of the new feature film Black Swan

The images below might suggest so.  And yes, it is a one-woman show, so please keep your characters straight!

Do also note that I have not seen the film, so the dramatic confrontation to follow is not intended to be a spoiler in terms of plot.  Though it may spoil the film in other ways.

I want to dance the Black Swan!

No; you cannot dance the Black Swan because you are all technique and no emotion!  I will dance the Black Swan!

I am SO emotional!  Look how my feathers are ruffling!

Bah--those are tiny ruffles.  Look how I can ROCK a tiny tutu!!! 
I am all unrestrained come-hither danger!

Ohhh!  My tutu may be long but just look how I can unleash my ruffly fury!!

Kid, you're making me uptight.  Beat it.  I am the Black Swan.  And take your ugly duckling mother with you.

Who, me?

I am not an ugly duckling.  I am the Firebird, the Greatest Failed Ballerina in the World!


   *  *  *  

But still: when one is tutu chilly, Moncler remains my fantasy choice of a winter jacket.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I feel a sense of whimsy in these designs...the images are arty and edgy.

Moncler is a brand that I must explore...thank you!

Belle de Ville said...


Anonymous said...

Great post, take a bow!

materfamilias said...

Ah, someone's term prep and marking are almost done, I sense . . . and the benefit is all ours in buckets of whimsy. Too, too, too fun!
(actually planning to head out to Black Swan tonight, perhaps)

WendyB said...

That made my night!

little augury said...

yes, Brava!

LPC said...

Hahahahahaha. Brilliant. Made all kinds of things worthwhile.

La Belette Rouge said...

Such a gorgeous post! I want to be the Firebird!