Thursday, December 30, 2010

Down by the Baaaaay: Blanket Stitches by Hudson's Bay

I have been happily, gloriously snowbound, and to say that I am obsessed with snowy-weather dressing would be an understatement.

In particular, I have been contentedly researching the Hudson's Bay outerwear, two vintage pieces of which I featured when I began blogging some two years ago.

This snowfall I'm also locating vintage, if 2009 can be considered such (rather than simply "late to the party").

In a delightful show called "Blanket Statement," sponsored by the Bay, Canadian designers reinterpreted the faithful Hudson's Bay blanket or jacket.

This coat calls up the Bay's trapper/trader heritage.  I don't think I could buy real fur at this point in my life, but if this were in faux, it has the over-the-top the drama that I like in a coat.

Here's an affectionate shout-out to the red coat with black stripe far above, which I know well as a blanket bought for my boarding-school bed.

This pert jacket below creepily reminds me of Hello Kitty: see the blanket-stitch whiskers on the side? 

HK has troubled me ever since I realized that she was a girl without a mouth.  She can be said "hello" to, but cannot utter the words herself. (Gratitutious professorial cultural critique, in case any readers were missing University over the break.)

Then there's this, perhaps the most marketable jacket, if one must go there.  I will, because it would give me a chance to wear tricep-length slinky leather gloves. (The hawking-length gloves here aren't dramatic enough. 

So this jacket is named (by me) the Try coat, because of its triple stripe at the bottom and nod to the triceps.


Belle de Ville said...

I love these colorful coats.
Stay warm!

materfamilias said...

I've loved Smythe's interpretation since I first saw it, luckily not having made the Hello Kitty association (although I get it now). The colours wouldn't work well for me, especially the cream base itself, but if it were commercially available, I'd be sorely tempted. . .

K.Line said...

I've seen a couple of these up close in the shop. They're more impressive than I'd thought they'd be, given that I really don't dig that multi-stripe thing. The tri is my fave and I like your naming convention...

WendyB said...

Love them all! Castelbajac has done some blanket-coat interpretations in the past.

Mardel said...

All of the coats are delightful but the last two particularly appeal.