Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Mix

Oh, so dressing like this is a trend now.

Where I come from it's called common sense--eh!

Fur hat (25 years old, from Moscow, gift from Russian friend)? Check!

Gorgeously patterned Latvian mittens?  Check!
Scandinavian colourful knit scarf? Check!

 *  *  *

In other winter-dressing news, I was amused to see that Starbucks has decorated its windows with images of girls in red coats and sky blue mittens and scarves. 

Does that mean that my much-loved combo (from the post below) is (eeek!) corporate chic?


Belle de Ville said...

Oh that hat!!!! I want it. There is one similar at the Michael Kors store next door and the PETA people were protesting there a couple of days ago.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am such a sucker for a Russian fur hat. I sooooo wish I could pull one off and that I lived in a climate in which I needed one. I would do a faux fur one.

WendyB said...

I instructed my husband to bring me one from a trip to Moscow last year but they turned out to be very expensive!

materfamilias said...

When Healy Hansen boots and army-green rainproof pants and slickers become a trend, my Wet Coast islander neighbours and I will be so fashionable. Gorgeous as that fur hat is, it would be a sodden mess here, where Tilleys don't have quite the same charm (not so much charm at all, really, the Tilley, and no, I don't own one).
Meanwhile, you've been ahead of the curve since before the curve -- well done!

Miss Cavendish said...

Belle, Where would you wear that hat in sunny Cali? But you do go skiing, n'est pas?

Belette, I'm sure it would look great on you!

Wendy, I'm lucky I got mine 25 years ago!

Mater, Mr. C has a HH slicker and waders! But the rainy winter climate poses some dressing concerns that I'm not familiar with, alas . . .