Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Road Thrill

If someone were to drive through the eastern Prince Edward Island countryside, while staying close to the shoreline, she might find, an unusually picturesque house across the road from my father's childhood home. 

She'd probably stop in wonder, for the old farmhouse would be painted a bright, almost burnt, orange colour, accented with white wooden gingerbread and wrought iron details.  It's been that colour for as long as I can remember, ever since someone used some paint that was left over from lining the middle of the roads.

A textile artist lives there now, appropriately, and the road-line orange is set off to great effect with a collection of fancy white heirloom chickens, with red accents, and a lush garden.  There may be a garden schnake, but I've never checked.

I was reminded of this road-line orange gingerbread house when I saw Bottega Veneta's new bag--made from alternating stripes of burnt orange velvet and python.  To me, it's a high-end country road bag, the orange stripes marking the middle of the road, the python leisurely crossing.

Do tell, gentle readers, is this bag in a passing or a no passing zone?


Jennifer said...

Personally, I would pass right on by :) It's a bit too too for me.

Justine said...

Bleeech! Pass on by - actually, speed up to do it!! Python print can be far more elegant than this offering.

RedCarpetLibrarian said...

I think it's wonderful. It's rustic and eclectic at the same time, a real stand-out piece. It stopped me in my tracks on a quick scroll down the page. I adore orange, and the snake looks like peeling paint, so it fits the description of the house too.