Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almost Strapless

My go-to summer dress is sleeveless, with a deep V cross-over neckline. I have a good number of these, and am always drawn to this style.

But maybe, just maybe, after watching one-too-many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress with my daughters (and readers will note the irony, because I have always been a non-wedding dress person), after seeing women scream "Yes!" to 49 out of 50 strapless dresses, I was influenced not to ignore le robe bustier any longer.

Or maybe it was the sale rack at J Crew, positively pulsing with strapless dresses in pretty prints.

I have owned one strapless dress, one I saw in the vitrine of Eaton's in Charlottetown, some months before my Grade Six graduation.  (In Canada, Junior High goes from grades 7-9, so leaving Grade Six requires a proper ceremony.  Or at least it did in the 1970s.)

The dress was white cotton, with an bosom-covering eyelet ruffle, and another eyelet flounce at the hem.  It was the most gorgeous dress in the world to me, and I put it on layaway. And wore it, only once, to my graduation. 

I don't recall it being that spectacular on, because the dress was shapeless, aside from the elasticized parts that held it up.  So maybe that's why I moved on and beyond.

So: back to the J Crew dress I tried on.  Not bad.  Points in my favour: even tan, good posture.  Good fit, but I still passed.  And that evening thought about returning to get it and in the morning was glad I didn't.  It might have been the bare-ness, the seeming formality, I don't know.  Maybe I'll go back again for another try.

Do gentle readers wear strapless for casual?


LPC said...

I've never worn strapless. Hard to say why. Maybe just no need to add to anxiety:). Seems as common as skinny jeans these days though, so if you like and the look is good on you, why not?

Miss Cavendish said...

Lisa, There's a strapless dress in the "Delft" pattern in my post below that would be a very pretty colour on you. As my daughters told me, "you can always add a cardigan!" (Yes, I'm tempted again.)

helen tilston said...

I have never worn strapless. Spaghetti straps yes.

I think you have already talked yourself out of this dress?

Helen xx

Miss Cavendish said...

I thought I had, but I'll probably take another look to confirm!

Gauss said...

I don't wear strapless anything; I don't think any would actually stay on my awesome chest, and I see a lot of people tugging their strapless tops or dresses. I don't need that kind of worry! Cute color, though.

Sue said...

Dear Miss C, do you mind if I ask, did you manage to find any nude pumps? I hope you did.

Miss Cavendish said...

Sue, I radically changed my tack and bought those crazy large-tassel sandals from Acne (I might even call that color "nude.") I'll wait till it cools down before looking for pumps; it's just too hot to try on closed-toe shoes in the summer!

Anonymous said...

May I just bow at your use of the word "vitrine"
I love strapless for casual, I wish I didn't love J Crew so much, it costs me a fortune after taxes, duty et al.