Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boot Browsing in Soho

I've been reading The Call of the Mall by Paco Underhill in anticipation of my fall fashion theory class, and yesterday my daughters and I answered its siren song at what is one of the biggest malls on the east coast, I'm sure.

Having survived following two tweens around to inappropriate shops such as Forever 21 (my daughter swears that the numerals are meant to be read backwards), Abercrombie & Fitch, and the MAC counter (they just window-shopped there), I was relieved to spend this afternoon in Soho with Mr. C.

I may have continued the inappropriate theme there, though it may simply be a perceived inappropriateness.  Although I gazed lovingly at the smart fall dresses in SportMax, I did not try on any.  Instead, I went into Dr. Martens, searching for the grad student of my youth, and I tried on the fantastic boots above and below. 

What would I wear them with?  Who knows, but I'd wear them. (Definitely during my unit on "punk.")

I also tested the new satchels made in a Liberty of London collaboration with Dr. Martens.  My verdict?  Try the Martens patent leather satchel instead. 

The Strawberry Thief satchel?  Too yellow.

The floral satchel?  Too white.

This patent satchel?  In acid yellow (available at the store)? Yes.

Then upon emerging into dimming daylight after an hour or so in Purl Soho, I learned that most of the boutiques had closed. At 7!  On a Thursday!

But the Frye boot shop was open, so I hoofed in, still carrying a glimmering torch for the campus boots that I so wanted in Grade 7 but was denied.  (I still don't know why.) There I tried on this embellished low cowgirl boot:

As I was wearing a pink sundress with a circle skirt (I had my flower sunglasses in my bag, but felt tht they might be *too* retro with my dress), I felt a little like my countrywoman, k.d. lang, when she dressed in her prairie cowgirl skirts of yore and sang "Turn Me Round (The Square-Dancing Song)":

I liked the boots, but not the hard sell (They're the last pair in the store!  They look beautiful on you!) or the price ($500!), for what the boots were. 

So neither English lad boots nor cowgirl boots came home with me, but gorgeous Japanese and English fabric did. 

And the mall?  It can call me again, maybe.


Dorky Medievalist said...

Oh oh oh, those mod Doc Martens. How did you resist? I'm a sucker for the Union Jack and would definitely where them while teaching the lit survey course (which I do every year) when we get to 80s BritLit. And probably before then too.

If you like a satchel, I love my Cambridge Satchel Company batchel in deep purple though I'd buy it again if it came Union Jack-ified.

Miss Cavendish said...

DM, unless it's fabric, I almost always walk away for a day or two before purchasing. I'd like to go back with a pair of proper socks, and try on a smaller size of the Docs as well. (I don't think I can really resist them much longer.)

What size Cambridge satchel do you use? I'd been thinking of that label but started to worry that it might be too small for my anthologies and folders . . . And a Union Jack satchel would be perfect.

I find my desire for this flag apparel quite amusing, as I never wanted to wear the Canadian flag, and would even pass up the excellent Catherine Malandrino stars-and-stripes dress that I saw in her vitrine today.

Dorky Medievalist said...

"wear". I'd WEAR them. And dock a half a percent for spelling.

Dorky Medievalist said...

The 15", which is up to the task for most jobs. I use it on campus and at conferences. It's good with hefty anthologies or several smaller novels and my lecture notes though if I have a stack of papers to hand back as well, it's a tight squeeze. In those instances I just carry the papers importantly in my arms. And it will fit my MacBook Pro but not much else. I am always complimented on my satchel, in part, I think, because it's deep purple. They don't have a Union Jack as yet (why?!?) though I'm sort of loving the baby blue pastel. In the 11" as a purse.

I would never wear the Canadian flag (I'm not technically Canadian though I did become a citizen at age 12) but I love the Union Jack. I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy the Heys Union Jack carry-on wheelie when I had the chance.

Jennifer said...

I love Paco Underhill's books on consumerism! Have you read Martin Lindstrom? His books are another interesting take on the science and psychology of shopping.

I still have a pair of DM short lace-up boots I must have bought 20 years ago... I don't pull them out anymore, except for when I have to head out in icy weather. I would really love a Cambridge Satchel, but as much as I love Liberty prints, I think the collab might be a bit too too for me.

Jennifer said...

And as for those Fryes? LOVE, pure and simple. But the price? LOATHE.

Miss Cavendish said...

I will look up the Lindstrom; am immersed in cultural fashion histories at the moment! I miss my grad school Doc shoes. I wore them with everything--the requisite floral long dresses to shorts.