Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keeping up with the Krawleys: The "Weird Sisters" of Downton Abbey

 Do you know how popular TV shows often have a Shakespeare episode?  Take Gilligan's Island's performance of Hamlet as a musical, for instance.

As evidenced by these cover photos for Love magazine, the three Krawley sisters from Downton Abbey are taking the Bard one step further in what can only be a mash-up of Macbeth and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the kurrent episode, Weird Sister Lady Edith dyes her hair the color of kotton kandy, mixing her own konkoktion in her kauldron, while chanting "double, double, toil and trouble . . . "

Weird Sister Lady Sybil, aka the "pretty one," ignores Edith, being preokkupied with removing a red lipstick stain from her gown: "Out, damned spot!" she hisses as she scrubs and wrings the left side of her bustier.

But Weird Sister Lady Mary, always kompeting with Edith, kauses a kerfuffle when Banquo suggests that Lady Edith's ethereal portrait trumps the Goth-y ones of Mary and Sybil. 

Mary kommissions the photoshoot for their upcoming kalender to take place in "thunder, lightning, or in rain," so that Edith's kotton kandy locks will lose their froth.  She also plans to give Edith the months of March and August, the least popular ones.

Will the Krawley matriarch Kora intervene?  Or will she turn over the kerfuffle to Karson?  Stay tuned for upkoming episodes.


Belle de Ville said...

LOVE Magazine covers never fail to impress me. They are so well done.

Rachel S said...

Totally agree with you, Belle!