Thursday, July 19, 2012

London in New York (a visit to Jo Malone)

I may have come to terms with the sad fact that I will probably not be going to London to style-blog the Olympic Games.

So I'll take London where I can get it, even if I "get" it in New York.

Today I took an impromptu jaunt into the city and landed in midtown just as the rain started to come down (London-y, no?).

I was hungry and decided to look for a little cafe en route from the car park (at the funky Hearst Building).  As I was approaching the Avenue of the Americas, the raindrops parted and Pret a Manger appeared under a rainbow.  (Not really, but please allow a little dramatic effect.)

I popped in, hoping against hope that *maybe* there might be a totally British section of the cooler that stocked a Coronation Chicken sandwich. Instead there was chicken, avocado, and balsamic vinagrette.  I made do.

Then I high-tailed it over to Saks, in the mood for a bit of old-world department-store luxury.  I used to visit Saks on my lunch hour when I worked in the city and have some fond memories of celebrity beauty encounters: Frederic Fekkai!  Bobbi Brown!

One of my stops was at the Jo Malone counter.  Ms. Malone, as readers will know, opened up her signature fragrance shop on Sloane Street, in (or off?) London's Sloane Square. (Does the street count as the square?)  Anyhooo, I remember wheeling my first-born in her pram into Ms. Malone's Sloane Street shop some 13 years ago. 

Today at Saks I tried a citrus, then a floral, and then layered them.  I'm *not* a fragrance person, but tonight am aromatically transported to a little green-and-white striped park chair every time my wrist wafts through the air.  I think I must return for a purchase (I'm notoriously non-impulsive when it comes to cosmetics and fragrance; they'll be there when I get back.)

And finally, I just opened my email to find a quote from one of my very favourite London designers for an article I'm writing. 

Rain, Pret, fragrance, lovely designer: some days London just calls out in the sweetest of tones:


materfamilias said...

Have you read Craig Taylor's fabulous book, The Londoners? Perfect antidote for those days when you're missing your old home. And I'm not just saying that because he's one of our own island boys, and a friend. . . Diane Athill called it the book she most wanted to give to friends for Christmas last year, and it's been lauded throughout all press as one of the best books on the city.

Miss Cavendish said...

I have not, and am delighted for the recommendation!! xxx

Anonymous said...

I interviewed Jo Malone years ago and used to go to all her events, she is such a lovely woman, really personable. She has started a new company, I think it's called Just Jo - though I might be making that up.

LPC said...

Beautiful little piece. Evokes London longing, despite the New York location:).