Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blank(et) Check

Anyone who's seen my Twitter feed knows that we were without heat today.  We didn't notice immediately, because our house was built in 1874 and has original glass windows, which means that our house can get chilly in winter.  And the weather has been exceptionally cold for the last few days, considering we were running in shorts(!) lasr weekend.

While we were waiting for a technician to help us out, we made good use of the quilts I've made, as well as my favourite blanket--a checked wool beauty from Norway's Oleana:

I adore Oleana blankets, which are sumptuously thick, soft, and gorgeously designed. They reverse to a slightly different colourway and set my senses a tizzy when I am wrapped up in one. 

But they are rather cher (hence my post title), so I have thought that it might be great fun to make a quilt in an Oleana blanket style. 

I'd probably choose a check, in a blue, to complement my red check blanket.  The border could be appliqued, even in felt, for the tricky curves and curlicues. This may be my next project, since my hands are working again with (and are grateful for) the heat.

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Coulda shoulda woulda said...

In Asia, there is something similar called mink blankets but they are like these ones but with a blend of some material I can't remember but they had the most fantastic designs like these. It reminds me to buy some next time I am there...