Thursday, February 21, 2013

Did I Invest in Mr. Gurung's Designs? Prabal-y

At the risk of sounding like the tuneless chorus characterized by a hyper-rhotic pronunciation that must have been Swiftly composed, I have never ever, ever, ever, ever been inspired to purchase anything from a Target collaboration.

The Liberty products were too watered down, Calypso too baggy, Neiman Marcus too pricey for the quality, and so on.

But I took a chance on Prabal Gurung's collection, partly because two former students are great pals with him and I was feeling vicariously chummy; partly because I liked what I tried on.

What did I try: The red wedge sandal, above and below.  It's got great lines, and whereas I have wisely? foolishly? spent close to my monthly mortgage on a special pair of heels from time to time, it was a lark to spend so little on something that really looks good on one's feet.

Why, you could even say that these shoes give me great pleather to wear. Except that it's too cold to wear then yet, of course.

Have any gentle readers had happy luck with a Tar-zjay collaboration?

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Coulda shoulda woulda said...

years ago i got a erickson beamon cuff bracelet and it was really well made - i am still so glad i got it and it gets as much wear now as it did back in 2009. i wish we had a target here believe it or not! but we have plenty of h and m collections so i guess that makes up for it.