Monday, February 18, 2013

To a T (T Magazine's redesign)

I love the look and the content of the new T Magazine. 

My editing class is studying typography right now, and the clean, modern "T" with an appealing depth seems much more elegant than the olde scripte T of yesterday (though I really did LOVE how various artists interpreted it in each issue).

But maybe what I like best about this new T is its colour (in this issue, anyway).  This pale pinky pewter reminds me of, say, the jacquard cushion on a lady's antique vanity chair, an old-school powder puff, perhaps.

And I like how T followed through with variations on that pink throughout the issue.  The gently powdered face above, the pink of the sash-as-scarf suits me, to a T.

1 comment:

Dorky Medievalist said...

I would call the shadow side of the tea Max Factor. Or re-call it, as the case may be.