Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clutching at Liberty

Gentle readers may remember that I adore Liberty of London fabrics. I use it in quilts, bunting, accessories, and sometimes buy clothing in Liberty prints. 

I think I prefer making things out of Liberty to purchasing items fully assembled, but I have been eyeing two new J. Crew spring pieces: the clutch above and the shoes below.

The clutch print is on a myriad of J. Crew items, from trousers to a skirt to a shirt and a scarf, but I prefer the clutch for its shapelessness, if you will.  There's no darting, no seaming, no scrunching, just print. 

And this print can come across a tad too yellow in a garment, so the clutch is perfect.  It's kind of a Miss Rumphius-in-a-hothouse look.

(The bad news is that the clutch comes with a beyond hideous chain and matching fabric shoulder pad.  Tuck in the chain or remove it.)

I've known the print on these shoes for a good fifteen years, at least. 

I've used it in a quilt and still have some of my original stash tucked away.  I don't pull it out any more, because I prefer different colours now. (These colours remind me of the "old" days, when Liberty was less available in the United States and I'd have access only to pre-cut bundles.  How I looked forward to and treasured those bundles!)

But on a pump this print catches my eye again.  Anything too bright would be annoyingly playful; these pinks and blacks have a measure of sophistication.

Do gentle readers have any favourite Liberty prints, items, or garments?


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I have a pillow I made from a fabric twelve years ago...I am nor was dexterous so instead of sewing I used double sided fabric tape as a makeshift case. Looks like a rejected dogs cushion now but can't bear to part with it! The clutch looks so cheery by the way.

LPC said...

Yes! A silk cotton voile shirt, from J. Crew...Blue. And purple. And some olive in there.