Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flower Power

How does that old song go? Red roses for a blue lady?

How about blue roses?

And not the Tennessee Williams kind, either.

Here are two lovely Vera Wang dresses, both with rosy embellishments, as are becoming de rigueur for fall. Except, of course, if you avoid obvious trends.

I do not own any Vera Wang pieces (yet), but I love her philosophy, as stated on her website: she has “studied fashion from every angle—historically and critically, cerebrally and emotionally”; indeed, for Wang, “clothes are [her] passion and [her] knowledge.”

That Wang unrepentantly combines intellect and emotion puts her on my list of favorite designers, even before I look at her clothes.

And when I do, I’m smitten. I love that Wang designed her bridal wear as beautiful dresses first, the wedding occasion second. (For any new readers, I’m staunchly anti-traditional-wedding clothes.)

I love her sense of layering, of texture. And her use of color is often bold—deep lavenders and greys, aubergines and twinkly olive—but rich and always spot on.

Anyway, I’d definitely wear the navy dress above to my wedding (which took place almost 18 years ago, so I’m really not in/on the market ;-)) or this pewter one.

Could pewter be the new white?


WendyB said...

The navy doesn't do anything for me but love the pewter.

K.Line said...

I don't own anything Vera Wang either but, I imagine, given her fashion editor tenure and her skating career, she probably designs with movement in mind. I love her vibe. She's so cool and ageless.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i'm LOVING gray right now! marc jacobs has a particular marvelous shade that i've had my eye on...

miss cavendish said...

Wendyb, With the caveat that I'm going way over the top with puns, would you say that you consider yourself a Na-vy-sayer on this selection?

K.line, Of course a fellow Canadian would appreciate Wang's figure-skating background! What moves can you do on ice?

C/C, Gray sounds gorgeous for fall. . .

enc said...

I would love to see pewter be a white, a powerful color in weddings. It's so lovely and refined and dignified.

These looks are incredible.

Deborah said...

I love both dresses, but the pewter is my favorite. If we ever renew our vows I would consider wearing that dress for the occasion.