Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Pazzi Sleuthing

Now that my summer sandal gap has been resolved, I’ve returned—to use Wendy B’s good word—to stalking another item: the Christiane Celle Calypso Pazzi dress.

Sure, I could simply visit the NYC boutique, but that would diminish the intrigue and pleasure I’m getting from my sleuthing.

On Friday my daughters and I watched a special edition of What Not to Wear set on a cruise ship—Stacy London handled the styling all by herself on this “girltastic” episode. During the “reveal” segment, Stacy wore the Pazzi, in a bright yellow color (more yellow than this image) and heels.

Although I wanted to like the dress on her, I couldn’t. Perhaps it was the heels (I’d prefer flats with the dress), perhaps the cap sleeves (too little-girly?), perhaps the fact that Stacy, like her clients, looks best when “the smallest part of her body” (her waist) is emphasized.

This sighting gave me some great material to ruminate on for the weekend. I plan to visit the Boston shop in early August, where I’ll make my decision between the Pazzi or the silk Julia. Or maybe I'll leave empty handed, overwhelmed by the extensive array of gorgeous silk colors.

Did anyone else see Stacy in the canary Pazzi? And if you did, of course you have an opinion . . . Do tell!


Mary-Laure said...

Ha! I did say that yellow was the color of the season. This dress rules; what's it made of, do you know?

WendyB said...

You're using my lingo...that's all part of my evil plan to take over the world. Step 1 accomplished! Mwah ha ha ha. MWAH HA HA HA!

miss cavendish said...

Mary-laure, it's made of dupioni silk. I have a wrap top (lavender) and bubble skirt (cocoa bean) that I love by this designer.

Wendyb, what can I say . . . you rule!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, and thought Stacey looked great but, like you, I think she looks best in more fitted styles.

I have the silk Julia dress and it's just so lovely.


Kelly said...

Maybe I'm just not fashionable enough, because I would like nothing more than to iron this dress.

miss cavendish said...

Christine, what color is your Julia dress?

Kelly, I don't have that ironing impulse, but I see what you mean . . .

Jennifer said...

I just got a Pazzi with slightly longer sleeves in coffee bean(?) through eBay, of all places. I'd tried on the cap-sleeved version at the Calypso outlet in NYC and on Long Island but none of the colors they had worked for me... although the $89 price tag was almost enough enticement for me to get one anyway.

I'm glad I held out for the one from eBay. It will just need a bit of steaming before I wear it. And the fact that it's machine washable is the icing on the cake!

I must admit I was torn when I saw Stacey in the yellow Pazzi. It was great to see her wearing something that I owned (or close to it) but I couldn't quite tell if it felt too short on her. I'm only 5'5-1/2" so it comes to just above my knees.

Sorry to ramble on about my obsession with this dress, but I haven't quite gotten it out of my system yet!

I'd highly recommend you check out eBay for possible Pazzi bargains :)
Good luck Miss Cavendish, and keep us posted! I love your site!

K.Line said...

I love watching that show but I don't get it (no cable) so I only see it once in a blue moon. I think that Stacey is soooo mean though, don't you? Not that I don't watch gleefully but sometimes I want to smack her!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss C,

I got the dress in Aegean, which to me is a kind of light aqua. I think they'er on sale now online, so I was thinking I might get another...

I did have the puffy sleeve changed..elastic removed and stitched down.

miss cavendish said...

Jennifer, I've seen a wide selection of the longer-sleeved Pazzi on eBay recently and hesitated b/c I hadn't tried that sleeve length. It's good to know that it works!

K.Line, The episode I saw was Stacy solo. I felt that there was definitely something missing-- Clinton, who balances her. I think that their yin/yang, snide cop/slightly less snide cop approach is essential, because the comments are indeed too harsh when they come from one person.

Christine (anon), I might take your lead on the elastic removal. Glad to know it works!

enc said...

I saw part of the episode, but missed the dress. I hope your trek to the shop gives you all the answers you need.

It's a sweet dress!