Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zippity Zappos

I never wax rhapsodic over customer service from internet companies; it’s usually fine, just as expected.

But Zappos has so distinguished itself as superior on two separate occasions that I want to spread some Zappos love.

Last spring I ordered my eldest daughter a pair of Sugar shoes (absolutely not worth the money) and I noted, several months later, that the fabric around the buckle had frayed. No problem! Zappos sent a new pair out overnight!

Earlier this week a pair of pewter cut-out booties arrived for me in my usual size (8.5) that were, alas, too large. When I went online to reorder, the price had risen by $30.

With a telephone call (very quickly answered, unlike at J. Crew, where I was kept on hold for at least 15 minutes on three separate occasions this week and had my email query go entirely unanswered), the friendly representative honored my original price, switched my original payment over to the new shoes so I didn’t have to pay again, and overnighted my new shoes free of charge.

I was almost expecting him to offer me a chocolate cheesecake.

So cheers to Zappos! I’d do business there again any time.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I had a function to go to in two days, no shoes to go with the dress, ordered from Zappos and they arrived the next day. Perfect fit, perfect color. Love Zappos!

Anonymous said...

Zappos is fabulous. The shoes are a little bit higher than those in the store ($2 or $3) but I can't find the shoes I want in stores most of the time. I order things on Friday or Saturday afternoon and it's unusual to not have them arrive by Monday afternoon. Returning things is so easy - I very rarely shop in "real" shoe stores anymore.

And you're right about J. Crew. I hate, hate, hate, the catalog and online store. I tried to find 5 dresses this spring for my daughter and all were "sold out" (2 days after they come online?) It was impossible to buy anything from them.

Always In Style said...

Zappos does indeed rock.

K.Line said...

This totally makes me want to go too that site and buy something! K

enc said...

Yes, Zappos are brilliant. They go far beyond what most companies will do. They communicate really well, the return process is really easy, and they are fast.

pve design said...

Service is my mantra. It is in my blood. My Father would always tell us -"the customer is always right"
Just yesterday, J.Crew sent an apology letter (e-mail) saying that had made a mistake. Is that not a wee bit too late. Politically wrong or right? P-lease.
Just give me good service and I will be back.
I agree with you.