Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gone Native

Last night I tried a little fashion experiment: I dressed for the place (Cape Cod).

Buoyed by all the pinks and greens and soft reds, seeing how pretty they looked in the light of the Cape, I went native for a jaunt to Buffy’s.

Here’s what I wore (and please note that I’ve owned all items for a couple of years; nothing was purchased to be an “outfit”):

Peppermint green Lacoste polo (collar flat!). Mine is much greener than this—it closely approximates the Bonanno sandals below. Seriously, if you're going to match, you'd better match, right?!

J Crew stone shorts (of Chatham Bars Inn fame). No need to show these . . .

Bonanno Palm Beach sandals in pomme with creamy white whipstitching,

and my own individual touch—ENORMOUS Kate Spade tortoise sunglasses.

By the way, my preppy name is Cappy. What's yours?


Deborah said...

Hmmmm. My preppy name: "Ingram Mead Kittredge the Sixth
But most people know you as Buffy." I'll take Buffy, but I've also been known to answer to Debo which is also fine as I would share that moniker with the very elegant Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah Freeman-Mitford. If I could attain half the style she possesses I'd be satisfied!

WendyB said...

I feel sure I'm a "Muffy."

K.Line said...

LOL. Mine is Kitty which I love! MEOW... I think preppy, esp. when worn by blondes, is a fabulous ironic look. It doesn't work for me (I don't have the WASPyness required) but I love to see it done well, in its element.

Hammie said...

I love those sandles. They give me such a strong feeling of summer holidays; which I need 'cause I live in Dublin.

enc said...

Buffy. Short for Elizabuff.

I've had several Lacoste shirts in my time. This look is a great old standard. I love it.

pve design said...

Why you look so "waspy" bzzzz/
Prep name, grew up "Trish" (aka) Patricia-
Always loved the preppy New England look
Bright cords, shetlands, turtles and clogs!
A la Kate Hepburn!