Friday, January 9, 2009

Catch the Wave!

A number of months ago I noticed this hair.

The New York Times has been noticing hair like this too, for yesterday it ran an article on the resurgence of Veronica Lake “peekaboo” hair.

Once upon a time I had hair like this, though I didn’t want it then. I had just had my typical cut, when I asked my stylist about the possibility of Andie MacDowell/Kim Basinger hair pour moi. (My wave holds a curl quite well.)

But he pooh poohed me and said we should try something else.

So two hours later, after tiny rollers galore, I emerged with Bacall/Lake/Kelly hair.

It was lovely, but oh! the work! Even my stylist said he’d be reluctant to try that again (the nerve!). . .

None other than Sally Hershberger assures NYT readers that this truly is a labor intensive look (it’s really “done,” I believe she said), but still, where there’s a pincurl, there’s a way—or a wave.


WendyB said...

When I was a teenager, my parents used to call me Veronica Lake because I always had bangs over one eye. But I didn't have them as part of a beautiful wavy 'do like that.

Sal said...

I believe it. I look at those waves and see endless hours of work.