Friday, January 2, 2009

The Gloves Are Off!

Well, I wasn’t exactly asleep at the wheel—I was primping for a black-tie NYE soiree in Boston—but I am engaging in a bit of self-flagellation for missing Cathy Horyn’s take-down of Vogue on the day of.

It’s been said before, in these virtual pages as well as in others, that Vogue is “stale” and “predictable” but now that Ms. Horyn has quoted those words (from a Vogue reader’s letter) in the New York Times (OK—“predictable” is Ms. Horyn’s), she’s either literally written a pink slip or uttered a call to fashion arms: should Ms. Wintour go or should she stay?

Ms. Horyn remarked that it was, well, “remarkable” that Vogue printed a letter that was so spot-on-critical of its current lacks. But maybe Ms. Wintour intended it as her swan song, of sorts. Perhaps she finds it really difficult to speak of her own editorial failings and is letting her reader’s letter do the job for her. (Just like Carine Roitfeld may do the job for her, but that’s another story.)

Wordplay to the wind, there may be a tempest brewing at Vogue and I’m perched on the edge of my tuffet to see what happens.

Party and travel posts to be shared next week, when I’m back *home* with my trusty scanner.

A Happy New Year to all readers!


Miss C


WendyB said...

I actually thought most of the article was extremely kind and didn't really match up to the lede about the reader letter.

K.Line said...

Today Jezebel did a really interesting post about this article - really quite on the mark. And I gotta say, I don't see how US Vogue can continue the way it's going. It's ridiculous. The whole thing about "castles in Tuscany" articles is so true. This is beyond fantasy at this point. I'm sick of socialites and there aren't enough of them to keep that magazine going.

Songy said...

Will the change of the editor in chief bring about the rebirth of Vogue US? I hope so.

I can't wait to read your party posts. :)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely agree with this article.vogue bores me to death recently.could you please ms cavendish recomment your favourite magazines?thanks efi

miss cavendish said...

My favorite magazines . . . Well, I love the British publication Selvedge for its gorgeous photographs of textiles and T, the occasional NYT style magazine. I also like to page through Vogue UK to see what's new (and to make sure that editorials from the US haven't been duplicated before making a purchase).

Anonymous said...

oh i just looked at sdelvedge magazine.adorable. i hope they could send it in greece.thanks.efi.

enc said...

I've been wondering for the last year when AW was going to realized that it's time to let someone else have the throne.

I mused about who would take over. Have you any ideas?