Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wyeth x 2

As you know, the artist Andrew Wyeth died yesterday, at the age of 91. I loved his soft, muted colors, as did many other people.

One designer who took Wyeth as his inspiration is Todd Magill. Born in Long Island, but currently working out of Los Angeles, Magill had a wonderful line called “Wyeth,” which was, to my eye, a particularly glamourous take on Andrew Wyeth’s corn-colored palate.

When I was in Palo Alto a few years back, I bought what I call my Jane-Austen-in-LA dress from Wyeth’s line. (The dress is much prettier on when one wears it with a little tan, instead of wan, skin.) I plan to wear it with these, in the spring.

And Pure Cashmere used the skirt on the cover of its 2006 catalogue too:

The fashion line Wyeth is, alas, no more, but Todd Magill has a new take, called Graydn. My favorite piece here is the green top (called “geranium”).

As a whole, the line is less glamourous and more work appropriate, and my verdict is out, for the time being, since I haven’t seen any looks that truly speak to me.

Has anyone in California, especially (where the line is more accessible), checked out Graydn?


hmstrjam said...

Andrew Wyeth was truly the greatest artist of our time.

K.Line said...

What a beautiful Wyeth you posted there, Miss C. I love that colour scheme also.

Savvy Mode SG said...

love the color. what a lovely dress.

ambika said...

What an amazingly beautiful dress. & I agree it would look fantastic with a tan.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am in California and I have never seen Gradyn. That skirt and dress look so Wyeth. It looks like a dress he would have painted.

enc said...

I haven't. I have work to do.