Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Eve

How can one describe a New Year’s Eve party in a Beacon Hill home?


Indeed, the Christmas lights contributed to the lovely twinkliness, as did the blankety snowfall lit by streetlamps, but my vote goes to the wonderfully dressed Marie Antoinette chandelier (she wore row upon row of draped crystals) for creating the twinkliest mood possible.

I gave the host and hostess these embroidered pillowcases (tout á la main, bien sur) that depict their home's entranceway and exterior. The entranceway also has the street name on it, but I’ve left it off here for reasons of privacy.

The pillowcases are vintage (I love to embroider on *old* textiles) and are trimmed with tatting. And even when the embroiderer has been a little loose with her perspective on the staircase, it's all part of the primitive vintage charm (I hope!).

I wore this:

Just kidding. But isn't it pretty to think so?

Happy New Year, encore une fois!

The opening image is from Tara Bradford’s delightful blog, Paris Parfait. Allons! Maintenant!

The postmodern Marie image is from
Bernard Tartinville.

* I am, of course, borrowing from Susan Orlean’s description of a twinkly party in her book The Orchid Thief.


Sal said...

What a fun and deeply personal gift! And whoa mama, love postmodern Marie.

K.Line said...

Miss C: What beautiful embroidery! And I love the chandelier