Friday, August 26, 2011

Buttons as Bait

Even though I grew up on Prince Edward Island, I'm not much of a fisherwoman.  I've been deep sea fishing only once, in Rustico, and if I remember, was too squeamish to put live bait on the hook, let alone retrieve a fish from the line.

Prada's cast a line this fall, with its fish-scale inspired pailette dresses. (And yes, I'm mad for the head gear).

But those big buttons on the dresses and shoes?  Perhaps they are bait, but they don't reel me in.  A lucky fisherwoman might just find one tossed back in the ocean.

If you're looking for a little fall reading about the fishing life, do pick up Alastair MacLeod's collection of short stories, published as Island in the United States, The Lost Salt Gift of Blood in Canada.  "The Boat" is just about perfect.

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coffeeaddict said...

I like the footwear especially the shoes I saw in a UK edition of Vogue.