Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Backward Bedlingtons

Backward Bedlingtons are facing front everywhere. 

I've seen them in magazines, on blogs (Bourbon & Pearls has made a particularly hilarious connection), but not yet on my feet.

Perhaps that's because there are so many combinations:

Far above is my favourite, the gold and pink Backward Bedlington.

But there is also this version.  If pushed, I could say that it reminds me of Malvolio in cross-gartered pink stockings, if he didn't actually wear yellow.

Fortunately, Miu Miu makes a version in not yellow, but in what I'm calling "banana":

The black version is elegant, but as that's not the point of this shoe (it relies on a little garish glamour), I'd call this show a "why bother," aka a decaf, skim latte.  (That's what an old barista chum called my once-favourite drink.)

This is called a pump, but it sends me into shivers of terror with its vampy resemblance to a Candies mule.  No, no, no.

And finally, another criss-cross version, but with more of a toddler swing-seat feel.  I'd happily swing my feet in these.

Ahh, gentle readers, are you hissing or miouing over these Miu Miu Backward Bedlingtons?

1 comment:

WendyB said...

I like the crazier colors, and the fact that you are on high alert for Bedlingtons.