Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gorsuch Style

A sure sign that summer's coming to an end is the arrival of the Gorsuch catalogue.  Full of over-the-top Gstaad ski togs and Alpinabilia, this catalogue inspires both desire and amusement.

For instance, more than once I've admired a sweater on a well-clad model and, scanning the price list, think to myself, "Oh, $175 isn't too much for that sweater." 

Then I read more carefully and see that's the price of her cashmere socks.

(Full disclosure: my beloved Technica boots are from the Gorsuch catalogue.)

Following a quick perusal, here are my short-list picks from the latest edition:

I like the purply-pink trim on this brown sweater.  And the shell buttons:

These shoes, though, are my real objet d'amour:

Made by Brunello Cucinelli, their laces are not mere grosgrain, but silk grosgrain.

And this confuses me: an iPad (tablet) case that costs more than the actual tablet?  Ooh la la:

To be sure, it is made by Bottega Veneta . . .

Do gentle readers enjoy the Gorsuch lookbook or is it my guilty pleasure alone?


une femme said...

Great minds...

Just received my Gorsuch catalog yesterday and was going to peruse tonight and post about it.

LOVE those shoes.

I always make a point to visit the Gorsuch store when we go skiing. They do have some fabulous shoes and sweaters.

Anonymous said...

I wear the cashmere socks...but that's all I've ever been able to afford. It's a great catalog for dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I love the catalog too. I love it all, but can never justify the cost. Maybe I'll try the cashmere socks; they sound so luxurious.

Belle de Ville said...

I just got my catalog too. There are not many products that I lust after, really there aren't. But if I could actually afford the clothes from any one upscale catalog, I would be ordering mulitple items from Gorsuch.
Maybe in my next life...