Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cashmere & Crops

A few weeks ago someone asked me whether I *always* wore dresses, as if she were a little exasperated with my sartorial constancy.

Truth is, I wear dresses throughout the early fall, spring, and summer.  Shorts have their place, but I love the floaty ease of a dress rather than a skirt (one piece is simpler than two). 

Plus I credit this next element to my Canadian upbringing: I'm often too hot in the States.  Where are those triple-minus wild-chills or a lovely ocean breeze to cool the soul?  As I've said before, I don't even own proper snow boots.

But cool temperatures do envelop even this frosty Canuck, and for the last couple of weeks I've broken out my trousers.  My favourite look is a cropped skinny pant with some sort of generous apres-ski sweater.  J Crew made my beloved cashmere striped turtleneck last year, with just the right amount of drape, which I bought in two colourways (and I'm browsing eBay for a third).

This year I've been coveting the sweater above.  It doesn't have a demi-fitted silhouette, which makes me pause a tad (would it be a beautiful jade sack on?), but it holds promise.  Soon that same person will be asking me whatever happened to those dresses.

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