Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter Break Reading List

It's not yet Thanksgiving, but I have my reading list ready for the Winter Break in late December.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing images from Coddington's life as a model and her early shoots as a stylist.

I sneaked a peek in the bookstore. Did you know that Fassett's family owned a gorgeously rustic restaurant atop a cliff in Big Sur, complete with a deck where performers would dance? I want to read more.

The book to accompany the documentary.  I adore oral histories (a la Edie) and, though this may or may not be one, it will have enough images and ecclectic voices to immerse this reader into DV's colourful world.


K.Line said...

I want to read the Coddington memoir over the hols too!

materfamilias said...

Oh, that's a great selection to look forward to. The Coddington's on my list as well.
I went to a talk by Fassett many years ago -- he showed slides from his travels and talked about how he gathers inspiration and then translates it into his textiles. Wonderful stuff. . . but I didn't know that fun detail about the deck-top restaurant dancing. . .