Monday, November 19, 2012

Ralph Lauren's Buffalo Stance

The Ralph Lauren looks I love are the ones from the 1980s, when he burst onto the scene with dreamy Bruce Weber photographs of Clotilde in her Native American-inspired clothes.

He's bringing back that ambiance, a time of comforting blanket-wrap jackets, swashbuckling western leather dusters, and lots of Big 80s money to spend on them in his new vintage collection.

I checked (pre-pun groan) it out today and went directly to the buffalo check skirt, the strong colors of which remind me not only of a favourite Hudson's Bay blanket, but of paging through magazines as a teen, imprinting every model's gesture, every silhouette upon my memory.

The skirt's sold out already, but that's OK, because my 80s recall is strong, as was the hairspray we used to add height to our hair.

But every morning I'd pull my locks into a ponytail and go for a long run, listening to my yellow Walkwoman.

This song by Nenah Cherry was on one of my mix tapes, so here's a little "Buffalo Stance" while contemplating buffalo checks.


Anonymous said...

There's a jacket in that pattern on J Crew just now, I can't take my eyes off it. I might move to a cabin up north just to justify it.

Miss Cavendish said...

Let me just say that I'm going there (J Crew) right now!