Sunday, November 4, 2012

Styling a Pero Scarf

I received the loveliest package in the mail on Friday from the wonderful editors at Selvedge, for whom I occasionally write articles.

It contained a scarf from Pero, which has been an object of my obsession for a couple of years now.  Pero is an Indian label that makes the largest, gossamer-thin scarves that are edged with tiny delights: little pearl buttons, cunning tassels, elegant designs woven into the fabric.

My scarf, pictured here and above, is easily large enough to cover a twin bed, but thin enough to wrap beautifully.

Howevs, excited as I was to wear the scarf, I felt that either a change in state or style was necessary.  To me, my beautiful Pero scarf calls out to be worn in California, among stylish LA gals, like Melissa, client and friend of Nathan of Bravo's Million-Dollar Decorators.  She's feeling a little beleagured here, as her patio floor is in shambles, so let's give her some space.

Gentle readers might also take a look through this book:

It details the casual bohemian LA cool that I associate with my Pero.  I find myself looking for thin cotton snock tops with embroidered hems (the embroidered hem is very important).

Maybe one from Odd Molly?

No embroidered hems, but my own needle could take a turn here.

And on bottom?  Absolutely NO skinny jeans; I'm feeling a gentle boyfriend fit here a la this pair from Madewell:

But although these jeans may be Madewell, they are not Styledwell. I am over heels (especially pumps) with jeans, so I'll complete the look with my trusty Acne sandals.

While I'm daydreaming, let me pose a question:  What's better than one beautiful scarf from Pero?

A Pero scarves, natch!   (Oh, groan!)  But I'm not that greedy.

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