Monday, November 19, 2012

I Think I Khan: Contemplating Jemima's Hair

Do you know Jemima Khan's hair?

Her hair is lovely in its untamed English manner, with fringe reaching that just-perfectly in-the-eyes length, the rest extending well beyond her collarbones.

It's Ms. Khan's signature, as it has stood the test of time. through her wedding photos, not quite upstaged by that glamourous hat,

through her life in Pakistan, where, I recall reading, it was sometimes challenging to shampoo,

through her return to London.

Tres glam, though I prefer her more undone looks

And she's never changed its hue . . . well . . . maybe once.  (Sorry, Hugh Grant; I couldn't resist).

My hair used to be long, but for the last decade it's hovered around my clavicle, via regular visits to my stylist. But this fall various elements have conspired to keep me out of the salon chair, so I've been dashing into the powder room at stolen hours for quick trims on a lark. As a result, my fringe reaches my eyes, and the rest of my length is tentatively stretching out.

Now there's a fine line between Jemima Khan's glorious locks and Real Housewives' girlish 'dos, and I know not to cross it.  But for now, I'll play The Little Engine that Could, and encourage myself (I think I Khan) until I really Khan't.


K.Line said...

Oh, I know that hair! I've always thought she had the most "American" hair of any British socialite.

WendyB said...

An impressive mane, to be sure!

Miss Cavendish said...

Haha! So what does "Canadian" hair look like these days? I knew 20 years ago :-) .

Anonymous said...

I think she has the hair American often need extensions to get and hair stylists blow hair out for hours to achieve.

The fact that her hair is natural, makes it so much more impressive.