Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brunello = My Fellow

While wandering about Chicago, prewriting my article in my mind, I came to a full stop in front of a most unlikely shop: Brunello Cucinelli.  It's not a label that had been on my radar, but the women's ensemble in the vitrine brought forth one of the strongest emotional responses I've had in a while.

Perhaps the look reminded me of how I used to dress during my university days.  It certainly had the elements: tuxedo-influenced jacket (readers may recall that I wore a fitted tux as my wedding dress);

skinny cropped charcoal trousers (but with an uncharacteristic-for-me sweatpants cuff!)

and a drawstring waist!

chunky patent flats;

and the wild card: a jean shirt with a neck tie.

I had a jean shirt once, during grad school, and wore it the day after my wedding to go out for brunch, so maybe this look is hitting all those notes to conjure up days of early romance.

(I also discovered, on the Cunicelli website, these trousers, also cropped, with a waist that has some desirable detailing):

In any case, this ensemble perfectly expressed my emotional sense of dressing.  Whether or not I wear all of these elements, this look is how I feel.

Do gentle readers have any particular emotional reactions to certain looks?

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