Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Manolo, Madewell, and the Day's Eye

En route to Matilda The Musical, my daughter and I stopped in to visit the Manolo Blahnik boutique opposite MOMA's Rain Room. (The lines!)

There were no lines for Manolo's shop, though, which is a long, slender space, much like the feet he fits in his gorgeously detailed, but frustratingly narrow designs. As I looked at each desirable shoe, I felt it was made for a flower fairy, with feet like a dainty willow leaf, not a Canadian maple.

And there was much "alas-ing" and wringing of hands, because the daisy boots above would have looked smashing with my yellow eyelet Madewell shift. 

"Daisy" derives from "the day's eye," or the sun, and my Madewell is the sunniest of colors, but with a welcome hint of acid to make it less sweet. 

It is not, however, Styledwell in this stock photo, as is an ongoing problem with this brand. I don't add a belt to my dress, which gives a cleaner line (it has a defined waist), and wouldn't select this rugged leather if accessorizing.

It also struck me chez Manolo that many of his shoes seemed to have a le cirque theme--scallops, vibrant color combinations--that were perfect for a Matilda attendee, with its acrobat and escapologist characters.

While it might take some acrobatics to fit comfortably into a Manolo shoe, I can still enjoy them from the orchestra level.


Dorky Medievalist said...

Was just in NYC for an impromptu weekend and found the glacier room at MOMA PS1 the most amazing surprise, especially because the AC seemed to be failing elsewhere in the building. And there was nary a line. Ice > Rain. How Canadian (though not very east coast).

Manolos won't do for me. Luckily.

GSL said...

Those really are works of Art and I rarely say that about shoes. Miss C, I just got back from the Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity exhibition you recently previewed and was very impressed. This was just my initial walk thru as I will return again next week but especially liked the Tissot pieces.

Miss Cavendish said...

Yes, the Tissot works were delightful. I've just received the proofs of my review, which will be coming out in Selvedge's September issue, and the text is beautifully illustrated by pieces from the exhibit. I'll probably write about the exhibit here, including some literary aspects that I didn't have room for in my formal review essay.

GSL said...

I would be very interested in reading your review and any other thoughts. I only glanced at your earlier post (regarding the exhibition) as I want to wait until I go back next week and do the audio tour (I always do those on my 2nd visits) and then I'll get your perspective.