Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Roset for Baby Cambridge?

The timing was uncanny: Princess Kate gave birth yesterday afternoon and last evening I found her the perfect pair of going-home shoes, quite by accident.

My daughters and I had to run to the shops to return some failed uniform trousers and on the way out we popped into Nordstrom's to check out the shoe selection. 

As I waded through the unusually uninspiring selection of fall shoes and summer leftovers, a certain pink caught my eye.  I've loved the pink of ballet slippers since I was a girl and, more recently, loved them as interpreted by a J Crew flat

That flat flopped, as it was too tight, but this new ballet pink flat at Nordstom could have redemptive qualities, thought I.

There were some hurdles, though: at first glance I thought it a Tory Burch design, because of the  metal logo.  It wasn't--it was L. K. Bennett, which presented another hurdle: the L. K. Bennett Sledge pumps I returned last summer were notoriously stiff. These weren't--they were buttery soft. 

The last thing to do was try them on, which I couldn't because my size and surrounding sizes were completely sold out.

Always making lemonade out of tart situations, I imagined that the Duchess of Cambridge's people had been buying up lots of these ballet flats (called Roset) for her, as surely the Duchess would A) wear flats as she left the hospital and B) wear L. K. Bennett. 

Her wedges may well have been L. K. Bennett, but they weren't my flats.

So even though the lovely, blooming new mother did not offer her baby boy a roset, I may yet do so--if I can locate a size to try!


GSL said...

I've never particularly like the hubcap on ballet flats look and hope Kate feels the same way. Have always preferred sleek & elegant-even post natal.

Teochew Kelz said...

I bought these LK Bennett roset (in blush pink, as shown in your post, it's pinkish nude, quite complimentary to my skin tone). They fit like gloves and are buttery soft. I highly recommend these!