Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Fiorentini & Baker's Dozen

I popped into a shoe shop over the December break to warm up and quickly gave it the once over--some interesting Doc Martens lace-up boots with Black Watch lining and Black Watch ribbon laces (I do like a grosgrain ribbon), a Belle by Sigerson Morrison lace-up boot with a 3-inch monkstrap.  They earned a mental fileaway, but didn't merit a try-on.

Then, as I was on my way out the door, I spied, to my eventual preoccupation, the perfect pair of boots.  Made by Fiorentini & Baker, they are the Eternity two-buckle moto model, and come in smooth black leather (and other colors I'm sure) as well as soft grey suede.

I couldn't loosen the two-buckle's hold on my fancy over the next few days, so on Christmas Eve I ventured back to the shop to give them a try.  I selected the grey suede, as its lived-in temperament suits me more than the shiny smooth black leather. 

I'd done my research on sizing, which says that F&B boots run a size large.  This may be accurate for some, but I went a full two sizes down--I usually wear 39 in European sizes, but found 38 too long.  37 was just right.

And indeed 37 was right, sooo right that my right foot was wondering how I could possibly justify making this incredibly right boot mine on Christmas Eve.  It just seemed greedy.  And that's not rightRight?

The boots I tried were all suede, including straps and heels

But then my mental machinations left the shop, justlikethat!  Because, gentle readers, I tried on the left boot.  Oh, it fit, no problem.  But F&B have a very pretty, leathertooling kind of way of stamping their logo inside the boot.  It was the name surrounded by a scalloped circle that, because of the tooling, made the circle puff up like a fluffy cloud and irritate my left arch.

Sure, I could have asked for another pair, but thought I'd leave well enough alone and pronounce the boots unwearable. But there's always next time. Maybe I'll try a F&Baker's Dozen then.


LPC said...

I have a pair of F&B Elis. They have enormous style, but they also ARE enormous. So big, in their smallest size, that I fear I shall have to give up and give them to my daughter.

K.Line said...

Seems like you got off easy...

materfamilias said...

I have a pair of F&B, not sure the name of the style, got them on sale (50% off!) several winters ago (and they were still $450 Cdn!). Mine are equestrian/military, mid-calf, and they require a long-handled shoehorn to get on. . . to the point that I have to think through my day before committing to wear them. If I'm going to be doing anything that requires shoe removal, I either have to pack the shoehorn -- or, more usually, wear something else for the day. . . I still love them, but sometimes think it might have been better to have your resolve and have left them in the shop . . . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ladies, what started as lustful buy online 4 years ago for my first pair of F and B has now escalated to a full blown obsession. My first love Ella led to Emma, then Nolita, Eternity (2 buckle) and then Mike. A recent visit to their Rivington st store in London saw me acquiring Eli and Enola. I am in negotiations with said store about another pair. All I can say is 'Buyer Beware' I've lost control, but boy what a way to go.! But I love every pair and wear them as soon as the temperature drops below 25c.