Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Story in Selvedge and a Brown Paper Package Tied . . .

Between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve I went to the bookstore to replenish my magazine stock and was delighted to find the Nov/Dec Selvedge on the shelf, with my story on Dolce and Gabbana's Winter 2013/2014 collection inside.

My story explores how the designers incorporated religious iconography into their gorgeous collection, partly via the gold mosaic cathedral ceiling at Monreale, partly via colour and silhouette.

Wearing Vatican red

I was fortunate to interview two excellent sources: Alexander Pope from the most recent Project Runway (remember he was eliminated after making a dress with a cross on it?) and Professor Lynn S. Neal, who is currently writing about the relationship between fashion and religion.

A sneak peak; the story includes much more prose . . . and photos!

If enjoying the entirety of the magazine wasn't enough, I received a generous package today from the Selvedge team, wrapped up in brown paper and tied with tri-colour string. Here's what was inside:

Each piece was wrapped individually:

There was some Liberty of London fabric, which I plan to use as the binding of a new quilt:

A selection of ribbon, for making more ornaments (see previous post):

A beautiful hand-embroidered summer throw from Stitch by Stitch in redwork:

And two perfect bags.  The large Margo Selby is for cosmetics; the small wool Melin Tregwynt for change, or buttons, or charms, or simply for gazing upon.

Time for sleep, and gentle textile dreams.


LPC said...

Congratulations. And such a sumptuous post.

GSL said...

I've never been keen on D & G but I really do like those reds & golds. Very interesting & lovely and not that biker-rock star look I usually associate them with.

K.Line said...

Oooh, lovely gift!