Monday, January 27, 2014

"My Phar Mountie": Pharrell Williams at the Grammys

Any Canadian worth her snow salt recognizes the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (aka the Mounties): jodphurs, red coat, and generous Stetson hat, dating from 1891.

So I couldn't associate Pharrell Williams's outfit at the Grammys last night with anything but.

To my eye, he offered a cool, urban update of our classic Mountie garb: jeans, red Adidas jacket and that hat (made, I believe, by Vivienne Westwood).


 My Tweet from last night:

And now the hat has its own Twitter feed.

Even if Mr. Williams' inspiration was something else, it was fun to see a little self-proclaimed Canadian style on stage last night.

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Jen Lawrence said...

Very Canada chic. It's nice to be recognized for something other than the Cannibal Rat Ship and Rob Ford.