Monday, January 6, 2014

Big Joe Muffera and Johnny Chinook Chic

Maybe this post headline jogs the memory of some of my gentle Canadian readers.

 It was a snow day yesterday and is again today, with lots of lovely, large, fluffy flakes making a thick blanket on the ground.  On Sunday middle child and I ventured out on a hike to the drugstore to buy a New York Times.  It felt like old times to me, having grown up on Prince Edward Island and having live in Ottawa, where I ice-skated to university in the winter.

Now my winter boots are more suited for apres-ski--for drinking a hot toddy around the alpine fireplace rather than forging a Josephine Peary trail.  But the spirit prevailed.

After coming in from the snow, I looked up one of my favourite winter-jacket designers--Moncler--to see what witty winter wear it's offering.

Clearly Mr. Valli has been watching some History Channel mixed with a binge of Deneuve, as he showed some Finding Bigfoot Meets Peau d'Ane outerwear.  Or maybe it's Peau d'Ane Finds Bigfoot.  Whatevs. It's usually Bobo on a late-night constitutional.

Then there were some Nutcracker-ready Snow Queen jackets.

 There was also what may have been a tribute to Marianne Faithfull, what I'm calling "As Tiers Go By":

And, for fans of Big Joe Muffera and Johnny Chinook, some lumberjack chic in plaid mohair.

So did any other gentle readers watch this television show when growing up?

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