Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Manish on the Moon; or, Manish, Womanish, Gorgeous

The celestial gowns from Peau d’Ane—dresses the color of the moon, the sky, and the sun—are some of the most stunning in film history.

I thought about those gowns when I saw images from Manish Arora’s latest collection. I adored Arora’s spring 2007 show, with his wild mixes of color—turquoise and pink, purple and yellow, and rainbows in between.

His fall 2008 collection is more futuristic—a warrior space princess look that updates Peau d’Ane’s gently puffed sleeves and dainty crowns. Arora’s woman wears strong cuts of silver that recall armor, as well as flattering helmets—just the thing for a fashionista’s journey to outer space.

Anyone for a trip to the moon?

Close-up of Manish Arora dress from the Telegraph UK
Full-length photo of Manish Arora dress from Getty Images

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enc said...

I love fantastical things like that.