Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pink? Aye!

I keep a small inspiration book, into which I paste colors, shapes, and patterns that appeal to my eye (and I add a couple of doodles to break up the white page).

In December I pasted a photo of a pink dress accessorized with a large, chunky turquoise necklace by Giambattista Valli, and promptly forgot about it until Ronda from the beautiful blog All the Best wrote a post on Valli’s dresses and jewelry.

It’s the winning combination of pink and turquoise that first caught my eye (and my eye remained to explore the interesting silhouette). Pink is not a color that typically goes into my wardrobe; I like to dress with authority, and pink can be too hyper feminine, too quiescent for my taste.

But this Valli pink is a strong one, coupled with a strong shape, and I find this look to be quite wearable.

I also like the Bottega Veneta ensemble above, in a muted, almost dull pink. (I’d ditch the bow, of course.)
And Hermes’ campaign featuring “Indian pink” is enticing; these shoes could complement a number of colors in a wardrobe.

So maybe it’s time to rethink pink?


pve design said...

Pink is always flattering and makes one feel good.
Pink lips or a pink accessory will lift one's spirits even on the darkest of days.
Your book is charming.

bronwyn said...

I also don't wear a lot of pink, it's never really appealed to me as a colour to wear. I do like the Hermes shoes though, and the elephant's painted toenails:)

miss cavendish said...

Dear Patricia and Bronwyn,

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving comments. I like how pink is being interpreted by a variety of voices.

enc said...

I like pink, and I feel okay in all shades except bubblegum. It's okay if done right, and you can start it up in small doses if you're feeling brave. Like those shoes. Yum!

riz said...

I used to hate pink, and now I can't ever understand why. It is an ironic color, really. Incidentally, Giambattista Valli makes amazing clothes, even though his RTW really seems like coutoure