Saturday, March 22, 2008

SoHo, So Home

So: SoHo yesterday, home today.

One of my favorite haunts in SoHo is the Paul Smith shop. An unabashed Anglophile, I’ve been to Smith’s boutiques in Iceland and London, and happily declare that his eye never fails to delight me.

His women’s wear line is small and beautifully edited, and, this spring, even had the audacity to have me reconsider one of my style rules: no collared shirts.

The garment in question is pictured here, though the one I tried on was sky blue in color. Made out of crisp men’s shirting, this shirt managed to be soft in attitude—and I liked the tension there. The flower, stitched on petal by petal, gave the shirt a hint of femininity, as did the nipped-in waist, but the fabric carried a certain authority. (Click on the photo to see the detail.) This design is also found on Smith's appliqued rose jacket, as below.

Tonight I think I’ll be dreaming of cobbled streets, graffiti-covered pillared buildings, and, of course, flowers for spring.


riz said...

My bf is a huge Paul Smith fan. I really like his delicate British touch, and esp. what yo have featured here. I think plain and simple is always a great way to go. Sorry I am playing blog catch up at the moment. School has been crazyyy as of late!

enc said...

I like Paul Smith, too. The details are really nice.