Sunday, March 23, 2008

Say It with Meme-ing

Before I left for my NYC vacation, I was tagged by the stylish Bronwyn with this series of questions. So, after a week of thought, here goes! I’ll keep my own tags to three—perhaps Musette, Thumbelina Fashionista, and Mode et Utopie would like to join in?

Books I’ve read recently. (As I’m a literature professor, I thought I’d mix this up a little. Here, then, are novels or novellas that involve fashion as significant plot points or symbols.)

1. Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden
2. Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre
3. Theodore Dreiser, An American Tragedy
4. Nella Larsen, Quicksand
5. Edith Wharton, The Custom of the Country
6. Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary
7. Theodore Dreiser (encore une fois), Sister Carrie
8. Horatio Alger, Ragged Dick

Things I frequently say:

1. Mummy just needs to . . .
2. We’re LATE!
3. Where’s my . . . ?
4. You’ve identified something; now explain its significance.
5. I’d like a tall skim decaf latte, please.
6. I’m going for a quick run!
7. What do you think about . . . ?
8. I love you.

Music I like:

1. Anything by New Order
2. Eighties house music
3. Damian Rice, “The Blower’s Daughter”
4. Gladys Knight, “Midnight Train to Georgia”
5. Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, “The Love I Lost”
6. k. d. lang, “The Joker”
7. Macy Gray, “I Try”
8. The O Jays, “Love Train”

What I couldn’t live without (in absolutely no order):

1. Style
2. Color
3. Pattern
4. Intellectual curiosity
5. My husband and children
6. Wit
7. An edge
8. Creativity

What I’d love to do before I expire:

1. Move to Europe
2. Move back to Canada
3. Publish some significant works—articles, books, columns, etc.
4. Make a creative mark
5. See my children raised, happy, healthy, educated
6. Relax
7. Sing and dance on Broadway
8. Buy a little beach cottage on Prince Edward Island


Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog. I teach English too, so I see we share a kindred love of fashion and literature. I've added you on my "favorite websites" list.

miss cavendish said...

Hi Anon--Thanks for visiting. I enjoy your blog very much, which I found through Linda Grant's site.

Anonymous said...

Fun reading your "tagged" answers. Thanks for inviting me to play! I love that you want to sing and dance on Broadway!

riz said...

Thank you so much for the tag! This one actually looks like fun. I will really enjoy answering these. I really love your things i couldn't live without section. Wonder what you mean by 'pattern'??

miss cavendish said...

You can literally take "pattern" at face value: William Morris, Voysey, Liberty's Ianthe, etc!

bronwyn said...

Lovely to find out a bit more about you...and when you make it to Broadway please be sure to send me a ticket:)

pve design said...

love to play a game of tag.
love my cakes.
simply divine.

enc said...

This was really nice; I got to know you better!

Rollergirl said...

J'adore New Order...someone told me they've split up again???

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I've responded to your questions on my blog!

s. said...

We'd love to have you move back to Canada! Our country has lost too many of our best, our brightest, our most creative to the US.