Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Of Manes and Trains

I’ve had this image in my inspiration file for some time now. It’s from a fall/winter Bergdorf Goodman catalogue and I love how it functioned as an amuse bouche in the middle of a photo essay about clothes.

The texture, the colors, the line are all so appealing in this image; it reminds me that natural beauty can and does trump the artifice that this culture puts so much emphasis upon.

But then, this image also reminds me of a comme des garçons skirt that I saw at IF in SoHo.

Here’s a photo of it in brown; the one I saw and loved was midnight blue.

Here’s an image of the same texture in the blue, but please remember that I like the skirt, not the dress! I’d gladly wear the skirt in the classroom, paired with a form-fitting long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of tough, high-heeled shoes.

Think Jane Eyre with an edge.

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enc said...

Jezo, that'd be perfect. What a good eye you have.