Thursday, March 13, 2008

March of Color

You know how a color—sometimes just a small detail—can catch and hold your eye? The three images pictured here all contain variations on a blue-green color that I find absolutely captivating.

The first image of a Prada shoe and black pearl brooch is from a 2004 NY Times magazine cover. I love how the feathers reveal a range of colors, from blue-green to purple to gray, and tie together the light glistening on the black pearls and crystals.

The second image is of an oil painting by Katherine Fraser, an artist who grew up in Maine. Perhaps because I’m an Island girl, I love how the various depths of water resonate in the child’s dress; you can see the shallows as well as the ocean here.

The last image is from an old Tatler magazine. It’s the fellow’s shirt that stands out: the gorgeous textured ruffles against what looks to be a “shot” fabric, one that appears in two colors depending on how it’s sitting on the body.

These turquoise-y colors are a feast for my eye—a delight for the first sunny warm day in months.


bronwyn said...

I love the top image, it reminds me of Dutch and Flemish still life paintings which I suppose is the effect they were aiming for. At first I thought the shoe was a bird.
PS You've been tagged, please see my blog for details.

enc said...

They're beautiful. I'm with bronwyn^^she called it on the paintings.

riz said...

There are few colors that I would slot into the category of 'sublime' but turquoise would be one of them...