Saturday, May 3, 2008

Racing Silks? You Bet!

When I bet on horses, I don’t take into account their history of winning, the records of their jockeys, or the credentials of their trainers.

I look for the racing silks I like best and go from there.

Although I wasn’t at the Kentucky Derby in person today, I did watch it on television, and was struck by the pink-and-aqua silks worn by contender Denis of Cork’s jockey. So my virtual money was happily on him as he ran into third place.

The silks remind me of Gianbattista Valli’s gorgeous colors (which I’ve shown before but bear another viewing here).

On a more serious note, I do sincerely hope that if there is a horse heaven, brave Eight Belles, who came in second but was immediately euthanized due to two compound fractures in her front legs, will find plenty of floral horseshoes, sweet-smelling hay, crisp carrots, and cool water to drink as she pads about the meadow.


Imelda Matt said...

Valli does do gorgeous colour and as someone who has no idea about 'gg's' I also look at silks for guidance!

poor Eight Belles! Second on compound fractures, what a valiant effort!

enc said...

I was heartbroken to read of Eight Belles.

The pink dress is beautiful though!

riz said...

God, I absolutely LOVED that ralph lauren anniversary collection!

(PS - I will be posting the book list for the course soon...)

WendyB said...

I bet on Denis too, but for his name, not his outfit.

miss cavendish said...

Hmmm . . . I'm probably missing something so obvious, but WendyB, why do you like Denis of Cork's name?

WendyB said...

It seemed a little historical, I guess! You know, they were always Bess of Hardwick or Wendy of Manhattan in the olden days.