Saturday, May 24, 2008

Valli Girl Redux

Giambattista Valli is one of my favorite designers for his glorious use of color and texture. Perusing the images of his fall 2008 RTW collection, I fell in love with the following:

This floral bodice and stiff poof evoke an enticing mix of innocence and knowledge.

I like the powder-puff vintage feel of this dress and the gentle shade of beige-y pink.

If the bodice were a little more fitted, I'd really like this dress.

But there were some looks that I wanted to like but couldn’t quite.

This one, for instance, reminds me of that giant scrunchie SJP wears across her body in the new SATC film, though, obviously, it’s a much more luxe version.

And this one seemingly invokes a coral reef, but somehow ends up looking more like an uncomfortable fungus . . .

This look reminds me of a sea anemone, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Valli has a wonderful talent, but he’s a little too gimmicky in this collection for me.


enc said...

"Good" thing or "bad" thing, they're all interesting and beautiful things. I admire your taste and imagination. I love the white dress, and feel exactly the same—if the bodice were more fitted, it would be even better.

Anonymous said...

hehe the red ones look like broccoli

atelier said...

all the outfits look great, despite I am sure I'd dare to wear some of them (The red ones...). Carrie looked amazing in that.