Friday, May 9, 2008

Life Cycle of a Shoe-Sale Purchase; or, No! Nooo! Nanette!!!

This has happened to me one too many times:

I see that a pair of shoes I had been coveting online has gone on sale.

My size (8.5) is still available!

I order shoes and wait in fevered anticipation.

I blog about how pretty the shoes are.

Shoes arrive.

I realize why they are on sale and why my size (a very popular one) is still in stock.

Shoes are very difficult to put on! Sideways contorting involved!

Even when on, shoes do not feel like they are on because of the terrible fit! (Toes are not meant to engage in origami-like folding.)

Shoes have terrible construction! Thick asymmetrical elastic banding on shoes is actually ripped where it joins to the sole.

Package up shoes and demand (um—nicely request) shipping refund from Saks.

Sulk for a second.

Vent on blog and immediately feel better.


K.Line said...

Honestly, that's so disappointing. All that effort and they send you crap. I mean, they're Saks. Aren't they supposed to do the vetting for you?! All I can say is, hit the stores this weekend :-)

enc said...

It is indeed disappointing to wait for things and find they are not what you had hoped. I'm so sorry!

kpriss said...

At least you still have your blogging where you can freely denounce every inch of bad shoe construction ;) (you plan on sticking to the same shoe design for the next one?)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. C
Wish to buy a pair of those shoes.
Where can I get them at?

Miss Cavendish said...

They were from Saks, a couple of years ago, though.